Remap f10 530d

F10 d Remap Review Hello Everyone, Here is my review on the remap I have recently had installed and how it performs in comparison to a tuning box on my ps Bmw d. How did the tuning box perform in the time I had it? It gave me an engine management light in the high setting so I reduced the setting, anyway after a year gone by trying all the different settings the box after a period of time would give an engine management light whatever setting it were in, low or high.

Since the box has been removed I have not had any engine lights, My car did not like the box fitted to it. I decided then I would go for a custom remap on the rolling road.

How did it perform on the Dyno before and after the remap? The cars results on the Dyno: Standard: Who did I use for the Remap and why? Many people go for the big name tuners however I took it somewhere different. Rick has a brilliant reputation and he specialises in Bmws. I have never heard a bad word about him so I trusted him with my car.

He is a very friendly, knowledgeable fellar and knows exactly what he is doing. Firstly he checked the car over, made sure it were safe and suitable for a remap, by scanning the car for fault code etc… The car was run on the rolling road and he did all his magic.

BMW F10 530d ST1+ 332,8 Ps / 693,2 Nm 100-200 BROO Performance

After the new map was uploaded to the car he was constantly adjusting it to make sure it was perfect and suited to the car. All in all the car took 4 hours for a full custom rolling road remap. The ECU were removed for it to be remapped. Has the remap made a big difference to standard? Very Big.

remap f10 530d

I have covered just miles with the remap on different types of roads. In normal day to day driving you notice a good difference. You can feel the extra power and you are at a much higher speed than you expected to be at. It leaves a big smile on your face. It gives a much bigger difference than the tuning box did.

I feel that the car now has a smoother power delivery.Has anyone done a DMS remap on one of these and what are the results. Or Simon EMap? Someone else on here has put genuine M5 wheels and non RFTs and reduce the unstrung weight - will that work on the d brake calipers clearance? DMS: had an E61 d that was DMS'd and it was awesome, it was reverted back to standard at one point and there was a significant difference.

Well working doing in my opinion. However not sure if the offset changes. Someone smarter will be along soon. F10 d vs d: been in both and the difference is there but subtle. The wife's d is awesome but in daily driving she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Thanks Lennox. Interested and a bit surprised at your last comment re F10 vs Anyway that's kind of my point. Kind of interested in the lighter M5 20s. I've read good things about DMS and emaps, so looking for those who have actually done it on this car.


Oh in the d with VDC a d non VDC would not know what way the twin turbo car went but in general driving all I'm saying is my wife wouldn't know the difference. Driven slightly illegally it's a beast. So my gauges are nicely skewed. Thanks guys. If I wanted pure comfort I'd drive an S class, definitely not an F07! As I want a nice balance between comfort, performance and handling I drive an F No you would have someone drive you in a Phantom!!!

I'd have to sell my house to pay for the chauffeur let alone the RR! Maybe a stiffer set of shocks when needed and what brake pads work well. And a remap Seems like not May folks have modded F10s. Regards the F07, I don't know anything about them really, and it'll stay that way because I just don't like the look of them Thanks for the constructive comments above.

The suggestion of the F07 isn't as daft as it seems. I came from an E61 and several E39's before that, I test drove several different BMW models including the F10 and the F07's chassis is far superior to any other 5 series I've driven. Even with my 21" wheels it rides well and corners better than its 2 tonne weight would suggest. However, I appreciate that wasn't your question, but this is a discussion forum and I thought I'd just add a bit of opposition.

BMW M Performance Power Kit for BMW 530d

Re the unsprung weight, does it really make that much difference? I changed from 20" wheels to 21" wheels adding about 4kg per corner, I noticed that the car is more stable on the motorway and no adverse affects on the corners. I have non runflat tyres on my 21's though that may have had an affect on the change from 20" wheels that had standard runflats.Professional Automotive Engineering Solutions Since You will be looked after by our fully qualified technicians, armed with the latest diagnostic equipment as well as a wide range of tuning hardware.

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The wide aperture slots on the EBC units actually draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface and help cool the temperatures of the pad contact which can shoot up to well over degrees at the very heart of the brake pad during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect. Goodridge have developed and manufactured hoses for the following high profile applications Formula 1, Thrust 2 world land speed record holderNascar, every major Rally team.

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Please complete the form below.Hello There, Guest! Login — Register. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Good Day All Sorry if this has been posted before, I have an F10 d Msport and I was thinking of doing a remap im based in JHB and for the life of me cant seem to make up my mind as i dont want anything to go wrong with the car, im doing km full service history at BMW Sandton Auto and never had any issues with the car since day 1, i would really appreciate your guys advise on assistance in guiding me in the right direction should i?

Shouldnt i do the remap and also whether it is a good idea to have the car remapped with this sort of Mileage? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you legends! Imho remaps means more boost pressure which equals to more stress on the turbos and gearbox diff etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Im not sure if its the same as the d but i know it has the N57 Engine which produces the kw.

I found all my BMWs started needing more than just servicing at around k onwards Before you mess around with software get the car properly checked out for leaks etc I spent R32k on my turbos and leaks and engine mountings etc last month still need to do the control arms and I can feel my shocks need to be replaced as well as I am getting a bit of body roll around corners - other than that the car is perfect I know Schnitzer has a chip as well But your in for R20k at least I reckon Do you really want more than nm and kws?

I mean I have the 3. Thanks so much let me have a chat with the guys at BMW and have them do a full inspection on the car and i will definitely talk to them around the software upgrade if they do have this for my car, Thanks once again the advise helped a lot. Otherwise buy a d There are cars on this forum that have been tuned for years and are still running strong. Yes, you need to do a bit more preventative maintenance but the age old adage still stands, "you pay to play".

Personally, I would not waste my time with the BMW software. Your car is out of plan, which is arguably the only benefit of BMW software. You should reliably get around wkw and wnm, with just software and a downpipe. Add on hardware mods, which are invariably better for the car and those numbers increase. Use the search function and just type in "diesel software", lots of reading to help you make up your mind. At a R budget, just use Xcede and call it a day. I would honestly invest in maintenance at those KMs before any mods at all.

Did the gearbox get its required services at k and k kms? With hardware mods and a proper remap the 3. My 2c. But any reputable tuner should give you that exact advice before having you part with your money for a quick tune.

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remap f10 530d

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 F10 d v d. Prev of 3 2 3 Next. BMRuss Original Poster 1, posts months. Just about to order a new car and am unsure if the d is worth the extra cost over the d. Doesn't anyone have an F10 d M Sport that they can give their opinion on?

Didn't want to order a d to be left disappointed with the performance. Especially coming from a d, I think you will miss the linear and low down push of the 35d engine, as the twin turbo setup makes for a very linear power curve.


One thing to note - they aren't twin turbo anymore from the introduction of the N55 Diesel engine Only the 40d engines are twin turbo and the older 35d engines. Ninja59 2, posts 64 months. Engine wise character very similar, but you do notice it beginning to tail off with the D much sooner and the blower in that you do notice working much harder to keep it moving at pace.

MPG wise there is not much difference, if cost to purchase is in it then go D, but and a big but the biggest issue for me with the D is the D Edited by Ninja59 on Wednesday 31st August Welshbeef 39, posts months.

The d and d are both decent cars. In some ways, if I was to move from my current d to a 5 Series, I might consider a d. They aren't really designed to be thrown about so perhaps the 30d engine is sufficient, despite being a bigger car.

I guess it all comes down to test driving. I drove a new d recently with the newer 30d engine and it felt like it had enough power for a luxury barge.

Perhaps though despite my best intentions, I would be unable to resist buying a d. I'm not sure mpg has a bearing. If you're going to use d in a way that would make the extra power noticeable, the mpg is going to be very low. If you're aiming for a reasonable fuel economy, the extra power of a won't be evident. I've not been disappointed with either aspect of my d; if I had another 5 series and wanted better performance I'd go for petrol. Fox- 13, posts months. I looked at a pre facelift d with the current bhp engine.

I don't know if it was my expectation level being too high but it did not blow me away in the way I expected it to. It felt like a slightly faster d, I was expecting it to give me some sort of utterly lag free instant surge without the momentary pause below rpm of the d but it didn't do that.

It just felt like a slightly faster d. In the end I decided that for the money I'd rather have a newer, facelift d so that's what I ended up buying. The additional performance over the d didn't make up for the tradeoff in terms of cost. Ignoring the cost difference there is of course no reason to elect for a d over a d - it is no less fuel efficient, no more expensive to run, and you'll get some of the premium back when you sell it.

But then if we ignored the cost difference you'd order an M5, so cost is always a factor. Also if buying used I've found that the first owner tends to spec up the d more than the equivalent d which is a nice bonus too. Thanks for everyone's input, greatly appreciated.

I have ordered an Alpine White d with cinnamon leather with a few options, weeks and will be here If anyone wants a set of ACS springs for a d xdrive, let me know.Would like a bit more grunt, similar to my d auto of a couple of years back.

Whilst I. The cheaper option would be to remap the d, but wary of damage to gearbox and drive train, but doable. Which way should I go. Expecting fans of the six pot diesel to speak up, but what experience do others have of a remapped d? Edited your post slightly.

remap f10 530d

The 6 pot diesels are in a different league from the d. Drive a d and you won't want to go back. Having gone from a d auto 3. I like the way they sound and of course that relentless surge of grunt. Different beast altogether, maybe I just need to dig deep! Decisions decisions eh. By the way I was surprised how the d isn't that much more economical than the d. The only time it's really noticeable is on a long slow run on the my. Even then it's still 42mpg v 50mpg.

Both pretty good. Thats because the F10 is a fat barsteward. Mine weighs 2. Weight is the enemy of mpg! That's why we have runflats to save on the spare and jack and tools, all to reduce emmisions and improve mpg. I think a petrol F10 is more like kg, unless you have 18 bags of cement in the boot. Data plate on drivers door sill states kg, kg, 1 - kg 2 - kg.

Jacking it up compared to my E60, I can tell its heavier. For UK spec F10s, the lightest is the i at 1, kg unladen.

Both manual transmission. Map the D and see what it's like. It should then be producing about BHP. It's a nice easy ECU to open so don't listen to any company that tries to BS you into saying its hard and charging more for it. If that's not enough and you really want the 6 pot sound, then swap to either a 3.Today we put a deposit on a lovely F10 d. My question is, by having a remap will it genuinely increase the mpg?

I'm not interested in better performance tbh as I have a lovely weekend toy for power so I'd only consider it if increase in mpg is possible? Lastly, assuming it is, what's the best remaps available in the UK for these cars? A remap will use more fuel. It will also potentially invalidate your insurance policy. It will make the car numb to drive and you will be late for everything you drive too. There are many factors that contribute to MPG, be that driving style, fuel quality, condition of the car etc.

However a remap CAN decrease your fuel consumption. We've had some customers return and say they're getting another 7 or 8MPG out of the car, and we've had some customers that have seen 1 or 2. There are so many variables it's a difficult thing to say for definite, other than it is possible.

Is your D the or BHP model? Brilliant thanks! Mines a 64 plate so the bhp one I believe? Do you do the maps yourself or can you advise of best company to go to for this please? It is possible to map just for economy, but it's not as simple as effectively putting less fuel in.

The economy increase mostly comes from optimising the maps to produce more torque at lower revs so the engine isn't working as hard to produce the same twisting force if you get what I mean. It's quite a difficult one to explain, but it does work! He is running the stage 2 map producing around BHP and around Nm of torque. I don't know if he's finished racing everyone around Morecambe yet to find out what the economy is like, but maybe he can chime in?

In the last years I've been doing this, I've never once done an outright economy map. I'll take the extra power of course, but better mpg is more important to me, I'll leave the power to my bhp GTR!

Where are you based?

remap f10 530d

Perhaps you could pm me typical costs and location etc as I am interested? I'll shoot you a PM. FWIW, I once got over miles from a tank in my d. I drove it like a nun on qualudes. They weren't the most thrilling journeys I've taken. I drive much more calmly these days but never shy away from flooring it when required or desired.


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